"First we talk about the movie, then we can talk about your mother."

"First we talk about the movie, then we can talk about your mother."

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As social scientists and qualitative research experts, Quality Focus specializes in a brand of focus group analysis that is deeper and more penetrating than that of other research companies.

That’s because we’ve spent 25 years honing a method based on the Tavistock model of group behavior that taps into the unconscious voice of a focus group that many researchers miss.

It’s this deeper, unspoken group dynamic that leads to a unique collective point of view, reveals hidden motivations behind audience opinions, and shapes a sharper strategy that quantitative research alone cannot reveal.

And since focus group study is all about context we don’t stop there. We work closely with creative, marketing research, and marketing personnel to be sure goals of the qualitative research are met.  And then we take a step back from the study and consider the broader social and cultural issues influencing consumer behavior that are crucial in affecting outcomes.  

If you’re looking for this kind of in depth qualitative research, let’s explore this further.

  Social Scientist, Focus Group Analyst & Moderator

Social Scientist, Focus Group Analyst & Moderator

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Whether it’s a major studio feature, sequel, or indie breakaway hit, Quality Focus trains its lens on this critical focal point: fine-tuning the genre, the sub-genre, or the cross-genre. It’sone of the key to box-office success working hand in hand with creative and marketing achievements.

Our in-depth focus group analysis explores the current nature of the genre, character and acting personas, story, themes, and symbols and identifies what ingredients a film can authentically claim to gain deeper traction with its audience. From pre-production to post-production, we customize a variety of focus group designs that bring positioning and marketing insights to the table. See our list of film projects.

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What do fashion, automobiles, cable television, non-profit organizations, and theme parks all have in common? They all depend on connecting to their audience’s dreams, identity, and attitudes in order to succeed. And they all have depended on Quality Focus to provide them with a deeper examination of the psychological and cultural dynamics that help them build lasting consumer relationships. See our list of consumer clients.

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Lord of the Rings

A little known trilogy. An esoteric fan base. An unconventional focus group design. A breakaway mainstream success. Find out what happens next.

Little Miss Sunshine

A non-conformist indie film. A non-conformist focus group method.  See how we helped make dysfunction work.

Levi's Men’s Jeans

Comfortable pants. An equally comfortable buying experience. How mini-group studies with male shoppers helped lead to a more relaxed fit.  Read on.

Mitsubishi Automotive

You are what you drive. But what drives you? In-depth focus group analysis reveals what really steers automotive brand buying decisions. Learn how we asked for directions.

  "Your 10 o'clock focus group is here."

"Your 10 o'clock focus group is here."


Martin Rabinovitch, Ph.D.

Martin founded Walt Disney’s first market research department for feature films after working as a consulting researcher to the U.S. Surgeon General’s Scientific Committee on Television and Social Behavior. At Disney, Martin developed his own brand of in-depth focus group research for both major motion pictures and smaller budget independent movies.

Over 25 years, he perfected a method that drew from the totality of his experience as a Madison Avenue advertising executive, a film executive, and a social scientist specializing in the study of the unconscious social group process.

Martin opened Quality Focus to serve other high involvement product companies in addition to the entertainment industry. He has been a consultant to a variety of industries including automobiles, fashion, computers, home video, network cable television, and theme parks.

Martin has a Ph.D. in Mass Communications from the University of Iowa. He also was a professor at California State University, Northridge where he served as the Head of Graduate Studies for Radio-TV-Film.

He is a member Academy Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and a member of the A.K. Rice Institute and GREX, Center for the Study of the Dynamics of Social Systems.


Anna Rabinovitch, Research Analyst.

Anna attended Wesleyan University where she majored in Film Studies and graduated Phi Beta Kappa with honors. She lived in New York City for five years during which she worked in film production. In 2010 she moved back to Los Angeles to work with her father at Quality Focus.


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