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Movie Marketing that Never Underestimates the Movie Watchers' Collective Intelligence;

Conscious and Unconscious. .

As motion picture marketing and production qualitative research experts, Quality Focus specializes in a brand of focus group analysis that is deeper and more penetrating than that of other motion picture marketing consultants. 


That’s because we’ve spent 25 years honing a method based on the Tavistock model of group behavior that taps into the unconscious voice of a focus group that many others miss.


It’s this deeper, unspoken group dynamic that leads to a unique
collective point of view, reveals hidden motivations behind audience opinions, and shapes a sharper strategy that quantitative research alone cannot reveal.


And since focus group study is all about context we don’t stop there. We take a step back from the study and consider the broader social and cultural issues influencing consumer behavior that are crucial in affecting outcomes.

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